This past week, First Lady Michelle Obama appeared on The Today Show with Al Roker and discussed her plans after she and her family leave their White House duties next year. She said that continuing to raise her two daughters, gardening and eating a healthy diet are all in her future plans.

After being asked by Mr. Roker to describe her time in the White House over the past 7 years, she said in five words it has been “fun, challenging, creative, dynamic and at times delicious.” Of raising her daughters and being a mother, FLOTUS said that some hard times during her White House experience have included simply “adjusting to this attention. Trying to make sure that I raise girls that are sane in the limelight that is brighter than one can ever imagine.”

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In the video package interview from The Today Show, the First Lady also said that she plans to continue her work around the country endorsing healthy diets and healthy living for schools and students, and she was seen on her ‘garden tour’ going through different states such as New Jersey and Georgia, among others, visiting schools involved in the program.

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When asked more about her plans after the White House in 2017, she stated that she would likely have more solid answers once she had time to “breathe” after the 2017 inauguration day. When asked where she would be the day after, she said hopefully “somewhere warm.”

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Possibly hinting at returning to the world of law, or launching her own magazine, Mrs. Obama said that she and her family were going to miss everyone in the White House when they leave, but she doesn’t really want to think about that now. Lastly, the First Lady of the United States said, “Don’t take me there yet. Not yet.”