Iggy Azalea: Nick Young 'will have half a penis' if another video surfaces

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Iggy Azalea’s fiancé, Nick Young, has been warned: If another video of him talking about possibly cheating on her surfaces, he’s going to lose something very dear to him.

In the video, Young tells teammate D’Angelo Russell, who was filming the conversation without Young’s knowledge, about a 19-year-old girl that he had been with, which might mean that he cheated on Azalea. But since there is no solid proof, Azalea said she is willing to let him “slide” as long as nothing like this ever happens again.

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And she’s got her very own brand of insurance against Young to keep it from happening again, too.

“You will have half a penis,” Azalea said. “I already said, ‘One more video, just one more thing, and you will lose a quarter of your meat.’”

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Asked about the video itself, Azalea said that her concern was not with Russell’s childish antics recording and posting the video but with what was said.

“Whatever ‘bro code is or whatever ‘unspoken code’ that is, I don’t really care because I have an actual spoken commitment that you’re gonna get married to me and that involves not doing any of those other things,” she said. “So screw guy code, I’m not really concerned about guy code, how about what this person said in the video. That’s what I care about sitting at home, obviously. I don’t care about D’Angelo Russell.”

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