Single mother who was considered a ‘special needs’ student graduates law school

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Melonie Wright’s long road to getting her education and graduating law school was a fight against the odds, but she did it.

Growing up, Wright was considered to be a “special needs” student, but as she got older and continued to work hard, she excelled in high school and college, making high grades and even getting into law school.

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However, Melonie found herself pregnant and in an abusive relationship, and for a time, she struggled to make it through law school as she found herself homeless or in periods of time with very little money to raise her daughter.

But Melonie persisted, and she has shared her life story for others in what she hopes will be a tale of inspiration. “If my life means anything, it means that God is alive and He is walking with my imperfect, broken, messed up past self. He took my brokenness and exchanged it for His peace. He told me to do this, and He never failed me or my daughter,” she wrote.

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Already, Melonie’s story and her post has gone viral, garnering support and admiration as well as generating inspiration for others who hope to overcome the odds like Melonie did.

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