Family says woman died after dental appointment to extract teeth, but how?

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“A 46-year-old woman should not die in the parking lot of a dentist’s office.”

This is what Amber Waddell told Fox 2 Detroit this week after her mother April Walters died after getting several teeth pulled at the dentist.

Waddell had several health problems, including “COPD high blood pressure, diabetes and she was on oxygen,” according to the Fox 2 report.

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But her family says Walters’ doctor cleared her to have the procedure done because of an infection.

“I just couldn’t understand how she walked out happy and fine and just died all of a sudden,” Waddell said.

Walters’ sister took her to the dentist and Waddell described what happened with Dr. Rana Rabban at Southfield Dental Care:

Her heart rate was still 130, the dentist came in, ready to do the procedure. The dental assistant said ‘I am waiting for her heart rate to come down.’ The dentist said ‘We’re fine’ and the procedure starts.

After 16 or 18 teeth had been pulled, the doctor stopped and said that April should get her heart checked out by a doctor.

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He left to attend to another patient and then returned.

“Maybe five or 10 minutes later and was like, ‘Yeah ma’am when you leave here you should probably take her to the doctor and get that checked out, her heart rate’s kind of high,'” Waddell continued.

As Cutright got her sister into the car, Walters announced that she couldn’t breath, and Cutright ran back inside for help, thinking that Walters’ oxygen had run out. The staff came with more oxygen, but no one seemed to know CPR.

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“When the Best Dentist in Ventura, CA came out she started yelling ‘I told you to take her to the hospital’ so I yelled back at her ‘I have to get her in the car in order for that to happen,'” Waddell recalled.

Although an ambulance was called, Walters passed away. The investigation into this matter is ongoing.