Principal paddles kindergartner, boy's mother claims she couldn't stop them

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An elementary school principal was caught on camera paddling a five-year-old student, despite the boy’s mother trying to stop him.

When the mother objected, the principal allegedly claimed that he would suspend her son and have the mother thrown in jail.

The child had missed 18 days of school, causing the mother to go to jail for truancy.

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According to the mother, Shana Perez, the child’s absences were due to a medical condition. At the time of the spanking, Perez was out of jail on bond and feared that the suspension would result in her bond being reversed and her returning to prison.

Perez recorded two videos of the encounter and posted them to her personal Facebook page.

This school district still allows corporal punishment, but according to district officials, it must be with the parent’s consent. Perez claims she signed a form prohibiting the school from using such punishment against her child.

The school district cannot find the form.