McDonald’s customer charged with robbery for putting soda in water cup

The thirst was real.  Police charged an Arkansas man with robbery after he emptied his water cup and filled it with soda at a local McDonald’s, then fled the scene.

According to the restaurant manager, on Monday three customers asked for large water cups at the drive-thru window before parking and walking into the store. Once inside, they dumped out the water and began filling the cups with soda.
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The story could have ended there but the manager was having none of it.

When he spotted the three soda swipers and demanded they return the drinks, two of the men complied– 18-year-old Cody Morris was the only one to refuse.

The manager says he tried to block Morris from driving off, but Morris reportedly put his car in reverse and hit him.  He then tried to grab Morris’ keys from the ignition and was hit again before the man fled.

Police arrested Morris after finding his car at a nearby bowling alley, charged him with felony robbery and released him on a $2,500 bond.  He’s due back in court this week.
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