Prince penned a sensual ballad called “Donald Trump (Black Version)” [Listen]

Prince was known in life as a prolific writer, and he poured his creative energies not only into his own music but into ghostwriting opportunities as well.

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As the world remembers his legacy, though, some of the stranger songs Prince wrote are getting attention, including a love ballad focused on Donald trump.

The R&B group The Time asked Prince to help write for their 1990 album Pandemonium, with a song called “Donald Trump (Black Version).”

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The song itself is hilarious, with lyrics like:

“Donald Trump (black version), maybe that’s what you need. A man that fulfils you every wish, your every dream. Donald Trump (black version), come on take a chance. A 1990s love affair, the real romance.”

According to a 1990 review of the song, Prince took no credit for the writing, either.

“Listening to Pandemonium, the new reunion album by The Time, I couldn’t help thinking – geez, this stuff is good,” wrote Deborah Wilker in July 1990. “Well, one week later, the joke’s on me as Warner Bros. reps leaked the vital info that Prince ghost-wrote half of it. No wonder the set had that unmistakable superstar flair.”

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As for Trump himself, the business mogul took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the passing of a great icon: “I met Prince on numerous occasions. He was an amazing talent and wonderful guy. He will be greatly missed!”