Aisha Tyler says black students needed on some college campuses to change ‘racist’ attitudes

"The Talk" host Aisha Tyler says black teens should "be brave" when navigating the college selection process...

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“The Talk” host Aisha Tyler says black teens should “be brave” when navigating the college selection process.

And by “brave,” the actress and comedian suggests they shouldn’t shy away from applying to colleges rife with racial tension.

In an interview with MONEY Magazine, Tyler says racial incidents or acts of discrimination won’t change unless black students are willing to “get into the heart” and try to change attitudes.

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“When incidents of discrimination happen, that is the real world,” Tyler told the magazine’s Kim Clark. “You know, if someone doesn’t write something nasty on your dorm door, that doesn’t mean they are not thinking it […].”

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Tyler cited her great-great-great grandfather, who she said escaped slavery and eventually started a successful business in Texas.

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“What would we be like if black people didn’t go into the heart and didn’t try to change things?” Tyler asks. “We would have made no progress in the country. Bravery is the engine of change.”