Detroit girls chess team earn first place at national championships, #blackgirlmagic

Thirteen-year-old Jada Hamilton struggled to find the words to adequately describe how she felt about her team’s victory.

Hamilton and other girls at Detroit’s University Prep Science & Math had just earned first place at the KCF All-Girls National Chess Championships in Chicago.

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They were the best chess players in the country in the ‘Under 14’ category.

“I was pretty amazed,” Hamilton told “The Detroit News'” Mark Hicks. “It’s hard to describe how I felt that day because I was really happy.”

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Hamilton’s head coach, Kevin Fite, called the team’s victory a “significant win,” adding that his team was a considerable “underdog” in this year’s tournament.

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The KCF Championships are billed as the “largest and most prestigious tournament in the USA for girls under the age of 18.”