Sheila E. wants to step in to help ‘preserve’ Prince’s legacy

Sheila E. is stepping up to prevent people from taking advantage of Prince's death...

Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.

Sheila E. is stepping up to prevent people from taking advantage of Prince’s death.

The “Glamorous Life” singer and former girlfriend of Prince says she is working with his family and Paisley Park representatives to navigate the aftermath of the tragedy.  Prince had no will in place and is estimated to be worth $250 million dollars.

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“He was my friend. I’ll remember him as my friend – someone that I loved very dearly,” she said.

Her representative told PEOPLE Magazine:

“Sheila is concerned that [Prince’s death] will result in exploitation for profit by people who may have been seeking personal financial gain from him while living and may now see the opportunity to do so in his untimely death.”

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Sheila E. says she hasn’t gotten any money for her efforts and won’t accept any if offered.  She’s reportedly already turned down paid invitations to perform at tribute concerts.

Her rep also told TMZ that Sheila prefers all memorial shows be authorized by Prince’s estate and the profits forwarded to his favorite charities.

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