Karrine ‘Superhead’ Steffans: I was one of Jay Z’s “Beckys with the good hair”

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Never one to shy away from publicity Karrine Steffans — also known as “Superhead” — has written a piece in XOJane about being one of Jay Z’s “Beckys.” The tell-all celebrity sex author is referencing Beyonce’s Lemonade lyrics referring to her husband’s mistresses as “Beckys.”

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However in the piece titled “I Am Becky With the Good Hair”, Steffans details a tryst with the rapper that happened in the year 2000, well before he married Beyonce. Steffans writes:

Over 15 years ago, I had Beyoncé’s husband.

Yes, I was one of Jay Z’s Beckys back in the year 2000 for about three minutes, which is about as long it takes me to satisfy a man in the back of a Maybach while overlooking the beaches of Malibu.

Steffans’ article then touches on her recent marriage to and split from embattled actor Columbus Short.  She shared why she decided to kick him out only 3 months after tying the knot.

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I married a man with addictions and emotional afflictions. I did everything I could to get him help. His mother and I talked tirelessly about the resources available to us and how to get him to take advantage of them. But, he never did and I hurt myself trying.

The alcohol, the cocaine, the other women, it all became too much and I raged. I cried. I mourned and still mourn the loss of my husband, my friend, my confidant.

According to Steffans, her essay is meant to show how she has been on both sides of the equation; a Beyonce and a Becky. However, it didn’t take long before the “Bey-hive” swarmed on Steffans.

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What do you think of Steffans’ latest confessions?