It looks like Canada’s ready for us.

This video below is meant to be a joke of course. Right? Wait it *is* a joke, right?

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Either way it definitely gets the wheels turning. Just to be safe, we did some Googling for you:

1 – Healthcare is free. Just free.

2 – University education isn’t free but a good sight cheaper than in the US according to

Studying in Canada is not free, but it is affordable. The average cost for a foreign student for one school year (8 months) in an undergraduate program is C$11,903.

Canada offers the lowest tuition rates* for foreign students compared to the U.K., Australia, New Zealand and the US.  Rates at U.S. public universities were almost 1/3 higher than fees for Bachelor’s degrees in Canada, while U.S. private university fees were more than double.

3 – What?! A train ticket from NYC to Montreal is just $69?! $69?! That’s less that a night out!

5 – But how would you even move to Canada? Here are the three steps to becoming a Canadian citizen.

Something to think about, eh?