Woman who called for the “death of all white cops” has charges dropped after public apology

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An Atlanta woman was charged with terroristic threats and inciting a riot after posting on Facebook that she condoned the killing of white cops, but after issuing a public apology on Friday, the charges against her were dropped.

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Last April, Ebony Dickens, said on Facebook — under the name Tiffany Milan — that the public should “rise up and shoot every white cop.”

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“I condone black on white killings. Hell they condone crimes against us,” she wrote, along with the words “death to all white cops nationwide” last April.

Dickens said that her post was meant to be satire but that she understood why she was arrested.

“It was not meant that way. I would never advocate for anybody else to be harmed by anyone. I wouldn’t push that upon my worst enemy. It’s not the person that I am,” said Dickens in her public apology. “My apology is genuine and sincere because I know for a fact that I do not want anyone’s lives taken, anyone being harmed by something that I put on Facebook.”

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“I’m apologetic because I would’ve been devastated if something had happened to an officer at the time that this happened,” Dickens said. “That would’ve killed me because I didn’t think about that.”