Is Beyoncé affecting sales of actual Lemonade?

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While the lemonade you are used to drinking is refreshing, it is probably not as refreshing as Beyoncé’s new album of the same name. With gossip swirling about whether Jay-Z cheated on her or not, the sales have been through the roof. Sales of actual lemonade.

According to the CEO of Natalie’s Orchid Island Juice Company, Natalie Sexton, since the new Beyoncé album dropped, sales of natural lemonade, lemonade tea and even strawberry lemonade have skyrocketed. “People are drinking lemonade and posting pictures with #Beyoncé,” Sexton told The Huffington Post. “You can’t drink lemonade these days without thinking of her.”

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This is an interesting turn of events, since the sales of lemonade were previously on the decline, perhaps in part due to people trying to stay away from sugary drinks. Matt Barry, a research associate at Euromonitor International, thinks that this album could literally save the lemonade industry.

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Others who sell lemonade, like Matt McLean of Uncle Matt’s juice, have also seen a spike in sales. Not as big a rise as some others, but a spike nonetheless. His sales are up approximately 20%. “Sales are increasing. We’re up about 20 percent,” McLean said. “I don’t know if that’s due to Beyoncé or the heat. Maybe it’s Beyoncé. We’d send her some free lemonade — it’s organic!”

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While some could argue that the sales of the summer staple are on the rise due to the approach of summer, many remain convinced that Beyoncé has done it again.