Liberté Chan was offered a sweater to cover up during her weather report after viewers complained. (Courtesy of KTLA)

During her morning weather report on Saturday, meteorologist Liberté Chan was asked to cover up.

In a video of the moment, Chan can be seen wearing a black beaded strapless dress as someone off screen holds out a cardigan for her.

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“You want me to put this on?” Chan asked. “Why? Because it’s cold?”

“We’re getting a lot of emails,” was the cheeky response from KTLA Weekend Anchor Chris Burrous.

“What? Really?” she replied before donning the sweater and remarking that she felt she looked like a librarian.

“Apparently, some viewers think my dress is too revealing,” Chan said later, posting the video of the moment she was asked to cover up to her Facebook page, where it has since gone viral.

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Chan had not originally planned to wear the dress during her forecast but changed into the blank tank dress when the one she had been wearing before was “keyed out,” meaning it didn’t go with the green screen and forecast colors.

When Chan changed, she posted to Twitter, “Even if it’s early in the AM, can’t beat a black beaded dress.”

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While the move to make Chan change has sparked outcry on social media with the hashtag #sweatergate, some pointed out the sweater gag was done as a jab back at viewers who emailed in.