High school teen slays in Beyoncé inspired prom dress

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A St. Louis high school senior named India Ross saw Beyoncé’s epic Met Gala dress last year and drew some serious inspiration from it. Now, her prom night pictures are going viral as she put together a dress that absolutely nails Beyoncé’s look.

Ross’ gorgeous dress perfectly captured the Beyoncé look, complete with an epic high ponytail.

A photo posted by India Ross (@iamindiaross) on

Call Becky with the good hair ??

A photo posted by India Ross (@iamindiaross) on

Of course, the perfect images drew a bit of criticism from the internet for not being exactly like Beyoncé or for “stealing” Queen Bey’s look, but Ross knows just what to do with haters. She wrote a response on Instagram that we think is just perfect:

The fact that people think I let ignorance ruin me, let’s make this clear, I do not think I’m Beyoncé but she’s my inspiration. I think somebody is confused on an inspiration. Just because she has on a #Givenchy dress [doesn’t] mean [I’m] supposed to have a million dollar dress on. I still look so god damn fine in my Walmart, eBay, Michaels, cheap looking #givenchy dress ??? #islay I sure hell did a good job. Give credit when due #crownus #blackmagic And you’re never [going to] find a pony NAILED as mine #prom2k16 please save all your negative comments off my page ?”