Musical Chairs Proposal
(Images via Facebook)

Nathaniel Pacius had been planning this moment for some time, and when at last the moment came, he was thrilled when Jasmine Baker said “yes.”

Video of his epic proposal during a game of musical chairs is now going viral after Pacius proposed during a graduation party for Baker, who had just graduated from Brookdale Community College.

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After the game of musical chairs, Pacius got down on one knee. “It was so hard to plan this because you’re so nosy … I’m star struck,” he said. “You’re so beautiful. You always love me 100 percent and you’ve made me a better man.”

Pacius and Baker have been dating for five years, and Pacius knew that it was important to her that her family be there for this special moment, so the graduation party was the perfect opportunity. Her family was there, and his family had already been invited as well.

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“She wanted her family and my family to be there,” Pacius said. “It was a graduation party and my family was invited, so there was no need to invite family because it was already done.”

“I love her to the moon and back, and she loves me,” Pacius said of his soon-to-be bride. “We both wanted to grow old with each other and now felt like the perfect time.”