Mother fends off burglar with a vacuum cleaner, crutch and a knife

An Oklahoma mother who saw a man climbing in through her locked window taught the would-be burglar a lesson he would never forget.

Natalie Williamson said that she “was afraid” when she saw the man climbing in through her window, because she was at home alone with her daughter on Tuesday morning. “I had this guy I don’t know hanging from my window trying to get in,” she said.

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So she armed herself with a crutch then a vacuum cleaner and finally knife in order to fight him off.

Williamson said when she saw him throw a backpack through her window, she picked up a crutch and “started slamming him in the face with it.” When that didn’t work, she “picked up a vacuum out of the hallway and started slamming him in the face with the vacuum” and then punched him before he finally got down from the window.

The burglar then asked to meet her at her front door to retrieve his backpack, and she arrived with a knife in hand as he begged her not to call police.

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In response, Williamson chased him. Her neighbors joined in to help, and they held him down on the curb until police arrived.

The suspect, Kenneth Williams, had allegedly attempted to break into other homes before Williamson, according to the Oklahoma City Police Department.

When asked what was going through her mind when it all went down, Williamson offered a simple explanation:

“My baby was there so I was thinking to kill him.”

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