When it comes to politics things can get a little dirty.  On Sunday, the Facebook page “Proud Liberals” posted a meme of Melania Trump posing provocatively with a gun while wearing scant clothing and high boots.

The meme puts Melania’s photo alongside one of Michelle Obama’s official White House portrait with the caption, “Here’s Melania Trump with gun, thong & boots. Remember when Republicans complained about Michelle Obama’s arms?”

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(Courtesy Facebook)
(Courtesy Facebook)

The image has been shared more than 50,000 times and has hundreds of comments.  Supporters of the meme say previous criticisms of Michelle Obama and acceptance of Melania Trump prove hypocrisy.  Others insist that it’s unfair to use Melania Trump’s photo from a time when she wasn’t in politics.

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While some questioned the validity of the photo, the image is indeed real and comes from a time when Melania was working as a model. The shoot took place more than 15 years before Donald Trump’s presidential run.

GQ explained, “Over 15 years ago we profiled Donald Trump’s then-girlfriend Melania Knauss. Now his wife, our naked profile shoot on his customised Boeing 727 featured Melania wearing handcuffs, wielding diamonds, and holding a chrome pistol (It was the lad mags era after all…) It makes for some interesting reading today, since his recent success in his latest run for president.”

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The First Lady has been the subject of harsh criticism no matter what she wears or does.  We can only imagine how a provocative photo would’ve been used against Mrs. Obama during her husband’s presidential run… but is judging either woman for modesty or immodesty fair game?  GrioFam, sound off in the comments!