White high school football players in Idaho charged in rape of black, disabled teammate with a coat hanger

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A black Idaho football player thought that one of his teammates was going for a hug when he held his arms out, but instead, the teammate used the move to restrain him in order to viciously rape him.

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While the player was restrained, another teammate allegedly thrust a coat hangar into the victim’s rectum, while a third teammate kicked the hangar multiple times.

Now, two of the three white football players who were involved in the Oct. 23, 2015, incident are being charged as adults and could face life in prison, and all three are facing sexual assault charges.

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According to a lawsuit filed against Dietrich High School, the attack was the culmination of long-term abuse, against the student by white students. The suit alleges that the victim “was taunted and called racist names by other members of the team which names included ‘Kool-Aid’ ‘chicken eater’ ‘watermelon’ and [the N-word].”

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The suit names 11 employees as defendants as well, claiming that the school did nothing to stop the abuse and that, in fact, football coaches encourages the teammates to fight the victim, including one time in which a much larger student knocked the victim unconscious while others shouted “catcalls, taunts and racial epithets.”