Old and young black voters prefer different Democratic candidates

There is a distinct divide between young and old African-Americans this voting season.

Black voters under 30 are slightly more in favor of Bernie Sanders, with older blacks supporting Hilary Clinton by a wide margin.

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Clinton has found a way to get over 70 percent of black votes in most states, giving her the lead she needs to take out Sanders, while he has been suffering due to poor young African-American voter turnout. Fifty-two percent of blacks under 30 are in favor of Sanders, with forty-seven percent supporting Clinton.

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Not only is this poor voter turnout hurting the Sanders campaign; African-Americans under 30 only make up three percent of the Democratic electorates in the states with exit polls. In comparison, blacks over 60 make up seven percent of the electorate in these states, and Clinton has won eighty nine percent of their votes.

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It has been shown time and time again that older people are more likely to turn out to the polls than younger voters, and as long as this stands, it suggests Hilary Clinton may be the Democratic nominee.