Grandfather picks up wrong child from school on accident, calls it an ‘honest mistake’

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Joseph Fuller arrived at Edisto Primary School on May 19 to pick up his grandson early from school.

He reportedly saw a group of young students and thought he saw his grandson in the group. He approached the young boy and asked if he was ready to go, to which the boy said “yes,” and when a teacher asked if this man was his grandfather, the student replied, “yes.”

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KPLC 7 News, Lake Charles, Louisiana

Fuller then checked the boy out of school and gave him a Happy Meal as he loaded the child up in his car with his wife. However, when the couple returned home, they realized that this was not their grandson.

“He had a tooth missing in the front, and I know my grandson did not have a tooth missing in the front,” Fuller said. “Immediately, I brought him back to school, and I am very sorry.”

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“The mother was concerned, but relieved that the situation was handled and corrected,” a report of the incident said. “She admitted that the [grandfather] resembles her father and saw how her son also mistakenly thought he was indeed his grandfather.”

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“The students had similarities in haircut style and features, but not in weight or height.”