Marvel Comics’ new Iron Man is a young black female genius

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Iron Man — or is that Iron Woman?

TIME reports that the comic book superhero Iron Man will be a replaced by a black woman; a young teen genius named RiRi Williams.

Writer of the comic Brian Bendis revealed to TIME that Williams will be taking Tony Stark’s place in the upcoming release of the series “Invincible Iron Man.”

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In the story, you will learn that at the age of 15 she built her own Iron Man suit. Furthermore, she built it in the comfort of her own dorm room at MIT. This immediately caught the eyes of the famous Tony Stark, who than recruited her to join the team.

Stark will then let Williams take over for him fully, but she is still deciding whether she will take the name as “Iron Man.”

This is not the first time that Marvel has replaced male characters with females. They have made female versions of Thor, Wolverine and Hawkeye. Marvel also boasts several characters of color such as a Muslim teen girl as Ms. Marvel and an Asian-American as the Hulk. A new Spider-Man run currently features a half-black, half-Hispanic version of the hero named Miles Morales, and an African-American, Sam Wilson, is currently running as Captain America.

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“Her brain is maybe a little better than his,” Bendis tells TIME of Williams intellect. “She looks at things from a different perspective that makes the armor unique.”

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