Black man stopped by police after reading in his car

Louizandre Dauphin just wanted to get out of his apartment for a little while because he had a lot on his mind thinking about the recent police shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. So, he got in his car and drove out to the wharf to read.

“I decided to take a drive to the Stonehaven Wharf and sit by the water on this cold, rainy July day and try to pacify my mind by reading the works of Timothy Keller and C.S. Lewis,” Dauphin wrote in an Instagram post.

But an officer with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police stopped Dauphin on his way home.

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“Thankfully, he is kind and respectful and asks me the usual questions; where I’m from and where I’m going,” Dauphin wrote. “I tell him that I was at the Stonehaven Wharf reading a book pointing to the two books in the passenger seat. He smiles and says that a few citizens in Janeville called the police because of a suspicious black man in a white car was parked at the Wharf for a couple hours.”

The officer verified his story and then let him go, but Dauphin was still surprised by the whole experience.

“So, a black male, sitting in his car, reading a book is suspicious activity,” Dauphin wrote. “Good to know. At this rate, I may never leave my home again.”