Former Trump ‘Apprentice’ posts racist ‘I Want To Be Neenja’ video

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Jennifer Murphy , founder of Jennifer Murphy Beds and former star of Donald Trump’s Apprentice, is under fire for a cringeworthy and racist video on YouTube in which she performs a horribly stereotyped “I Want to Be Neenja” song, complete with a bad Asian accent.

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What’s worse is that there is an Asian woman right in the front and center of a group of spectators. At one point, Murphy even serenades the woman, who continues to shoot knowing looks at the camera.

The video was originally posted in April but was discovered by Reddit users this week, and the backlash has been so heavy that it prompted an apology.

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“I did a song in front of a group of friends that was meant to be silly and self-deprecating, and I posted it last April and received comments from friends and strangers that it was funny,” Murphy wrote. “It is obvious that I had bad judgment and didn’t understand that my attempt at humor would be seen as insensitive or mean-spirited, and I have removed the video from my channels.”

“I sincerely apologize to every person that has felt pain and offense because of me, and I ask their forgiveness.”

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