Kelly Price gets dragged online over “As We Lay” performance at Gospel Expo

Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.

Kelly Price is clapping back at critics who say her performance of “As We Lay” at a gospel expo wasn’t exactly… holy.

The singer says she was invited to the Indiana Black Expo Showcase 2016 and was simply doing her job by singing a hit song. “As We Lay,” the 1986 record by Shirley Murdock, was a song about infidelity redone by Price in 2000, which became one of her most popular songs.

But due to a scheduling change, Price’s performance took place closer to the IBE Gospel Showcase– something Price said she wasn’t aware of.

After receiving a ton of backlash online in response to her performance, the R&B diva took to social media to tell folks to stop being so judgmental.

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“In the last 12 hours Ive been slammed and dragged online by ‘born again Christians’ speaking on things they didn’t have facts about,” wrote Price. “Nasty hateful things have been said AND my character has been attacked.  All of it has been done in the name of Jesus and correction.”

“LIES… None of it was in love. And the discernment I was told should’ve been present so I could’ve made a better decision clearly wasn’t present in the thousands of church people who decided to trash me for doing my job yesterday.”

Price specifically called out people who she says didn’t tell her what to expect at the event and posted multiple videos as well.

“Where was the holy ghost of the sanctified people who were there?  Where was the holy ghost of the pastors and evangelists who were there?  Yet you hold me accountable?”

Still, the internet kept the fury coming.  One commenter wrote, “#byeFelicia #gospelexplosion #poordecision #InappropiateSong #discernment KP you doing more damage to the kingdom than helping. Just apologize and move on. Very deceptive playing the victim. If you think you didnt do anything wrong, stop recording videos to justify your actions that actually makes you look worse.”

Eventually IBE organizers stepped in to apologize to Price and clear up the confusion.

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Before the facts of the story got cleared up, Black Twitter came through with some pretty hilarious reactions to the news.  We’re betting everyone who was throwing stones might be rethinking how hard they came for Ms. Price now that she’s come with some receipts.

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