Rapper Young Buck arrested for threatening to burn girlfriend’s home

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Young Buck has been through a lot during his rap tenure. This past Thursday, Young Buck was arrested after he threatened to burn down his ex-girlfriend’s apartment in Tennessee, TMZ reports.

Young Buck is a member of the popular hip-hop group G-Unit, which also includes 50 Cent as a member. He is also the president of his own record label, Ca$hville Records.

–Rapper, Young Buck Arrested For Threatening To Burn Girlfriend’s Home

According to the authorities, Buck, 35, sent threatening texts to his ex-girlfriend on Wednesday. Than he showed  up at her home, kicking the door, but he left without touching anything inside of the house. He was then arrested and taken into custody. After taking his mugshot, Buck was released on $5,000 bond.

–Young Buck could lose name in bankruptcy case

Buck was arrested earlier this year for violating his parole. According to his parole officer, “Buck was stopped for a moving violation in April and did not report the violation.”

Before the moving violation, Buck was accused of making threats to the boyfriend of his child’s mother

Since Buck is currently on probation, this latest incident may wind up sending him back to jail.

–IRS auctions off Young Buck’s personal items