Rihanna lands iconic ‘Psycho’ role in ‘Bates Motel’ television series

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Rihanna has been cast in the iconic role of Marion Crane in the Bates Motel TV series. The role as the doomed shower-taker will be her most high profile acting gig to date.

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The reveal was made on Friday at Comic-Con in San Diego during a panel with the cast of Bates Motel. On Twitter, the show’s official account put out a video of her talking about “What abad bitch is about to do.”

“I am about to check into the ‘Bates Motel’ very soon,” she stated. “Guess what else? Guess who’s playing Marion?”

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The famous singer is a huge fan of the series, which is a prequel to the Psycho horror movie. The show differs from the film in that it is a prequel, which shows how the character of Norman Bates, played by Freddie Highmore, ended up a serial killer. “I read this article in which she said she was a fan of ‘Bates Motel,’” executive producer Carlton Cuse explained.

“We asked and she said yes. It was awesome. We’re really excited about it. It really feels very much like the version of the character that is different from the movie.”

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In Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, Bates stabs Marion to death as she is taking a shower in her room at his motel. The scene is one of the most famous in all of Hollywood, and now the character will live again, at least for a while, in a multi-episode arc.