Father, son charged in alleged sex assault at college orientation

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A father and son have been charged in an alleged sexual assault case after they were accused of drugging and assaulting a woman at Illinois State University.

According to campus police, Shawn Childs Sr. volunteered to buy liquor for students who were staying at an ISU dorm. During the party, which took place during orientation for incoming students, Childs Sr. allegedly put a pill in the victim’s drink.

Childs Sr. has since been charged with controlled substance with intent to deliver for allegedly putting ecstasy in the woman’s drink.

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According to the victim, Shawn Childs Jr. raped her twice after her father had put the drug in her drink.

Childs Jr. has since been charged with four counts of criminal sexual assault.

“Hearing this and having to come home and tell my mom that this is happening, is probably the biggest thing she is going to be concerned about,” said Abby Perez, a prospective student.

When Childs Sr. was arrested, according to police, he had ecstasy pills in his pocket.