Video of Chicago woman’s racist tirade goes viral

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On Sunday, a shocking YouTube video called “Jessica Lynn Sanders Chicago Racist” went online, an it has fast been gathering thousands of views as viewers are simply floored by the racist tirade.

The video was shared by Ernest Crim III and shows a woman, identified later as Jessica Lynn Sanders, approaching Crim and his wife. Sanders calls Crim the N-word and spits at his wife during the Margarita Festival at the South Shore Cultural Center in Chicago. She then continued to explode into a string of N-words.

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Ernest said that the racist tirade captured in the video took place after there was a dispute concerning bean bags: “So, I’m with my wife at the #ChicagoMargaritaFest when we decide to play the Bean Bag Toss game. Our section didn’t have any bean bags so we retrieved one that was tossed far by a group of four next to use that had at least 10 to themselves.

“One lady in that group (a white lady) called me and my wife a ‘n*****.’ Additionally, she proceeded to spit on my wife in an effort to provoke us to assault her. This is America in 2016. This is why I’m angry.

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“Thankfully, security immediately grabbed her, handcuffed her and threw her out. However, we don’t know her name and we want to press charges.”

After the Facebook post was made, and thousands of people shared it, Crim was eventually able to determine the identity of the woman and has filed a battery report against her.

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