Inmate who attacked Dylann Roof shares his story: ‘I got the power to bust his a**’

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Dwayne Stafford, the inmate who attacked Dylann Roof in jail and is now out on bond after his supporters paid for his bail, is now speaking out and telling his story.

Stafford claimed that he had conversations with Roof, and the two had talked enough that the corrections officers did not consider him to be a threat to Roof.

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According to Stafford, he and Roof talked about the 11-year-old girl who survived the shooting: “He said something like, ‘I thought I killed the girl, the little girl, but they was like she didn’t get killed,’ and I was like ‘No, you didn’t get her. She played dead on you from what I heard.’”

“That’s when I gave him the smart aleck, saying like you so bad but you let that child get off on you.’”

Stafford went on to say that he was the first to speak to Roof in prison and that they began to talk more often after that, their conversations “peaceful” enough that the jail officers did not see him as threatening.

Then, Stafford saw an opening to accost Roof in the shower and took it, describing the moment as “like in the movies when a girl in the shower and she gets startled.”

“I can’t say he deserved to die because I’m not a judge but I had the power to bust his [expletive],” Stafford said.