Bill Cosby lawyer Monique Pressley drops out of legal team

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Monique Pressley, one of Bill Cosby’s most vocal supporters on his legal team, has dropped out of the sexual assault case.

It is not immediately clear why Pressley will no longer be representing Cosby in the multiple lawsuits and the criminal case against Cosby as he has been accused of sexually assaulting multiple women. Cosby spokesperson Andrew Wyatt confirmed that Pressley would no longer be part of the legal team.

Pressley told the media that Cosby was a victim of “a game of political football.” She also claimed that Cosby was going blind and was seen to be assisting the beleaguered comedian.

Joseph Cammarata, an attorney for one of the victims, called for Pressley’s removal from the case earlier this year because she failed to complete the proper paperwork in order to represent Cosby’s wife.

For Cosby, Pressley’s exit marks the second high-profile lawyer to leave the case, after Christopher Tayback left the team in July.

Cosby has been accused by more than 50 women of sexual misconduct ranging from harassment to rape allegations. In addition to facing criminal charges, he is being sued on defamation charges for suggesting that the women were lying about their stories.