8-year-old girl dies after being shot in the head during drive-by shooting

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An 8-year-old Miami-Dade girl who was struck in the head by a bullet during a drive-by shooting has died.

“She’s gone. They were going to pull the plug tomorrow, but her heart started failing today… I was praying for a miracle but I guess [God] had his own plan,” Jada’s mother, Dominique Brown, told reporters tearily. “I see it on TV all the time but I never thought it would be mine.”

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It was just before 5 pm on Sunday when Jada and her father, James Page, 32, were shot at while in the front yard of their home preparing to go to the movies. Jada was hit in the back of the head, while her father sustained multiple gunshot wounds to the torso. He remains hospitalized.

Just last week, Jada started fourth grade. Her mother posted a photo of her on her first day back at school with the caption, “I wonder how her 1st day at a new school is going? I miss her! #4thgrader #my biggirl.”

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On Tuesday, her mother asked for people to pray for a miracle that Jada would pull through, but she didn’t make it. Now, Brown is asking that the shooters come forward.

“I just can’t see… how you can sleep at night knowing you killed my baby,” she said. “Please come forward… Somebody tell us something.”

Miami-Dade police are offering a $24,000 reward to anyone with information that could lead to an arrest, while the hashtags #prayforJada and #justiceforJada have helped spread awareness about the case.

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