Woman dies following tummy tuck procedure

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On Wednesday, a woman died following a tummy tuck procedure at Vanity Cosmetic Surgery in Westchester.

Maria Christian went into cardiac arrest at the end of the procedure and died shortly after being transported to Kendall Regional Hospital.

According to Vanity Cosmetic Surgery, Christian was in good health prior to the operation and had undergone two vanity surgeries prior to the tummy tuck, which was performed by Dr. Camille Chavez. While the clinic said that authorities found no violations, the death is being investigated, and it could be days before the exact cause of death is released by the medical examiner.

“We don’t know what happened, the doctors just said that her heart stopped,” her sister, Carolina, Flor, said. “If there is no need to do something, just, there’s no reason, because she was just beautiful the way she was.”

The clinic has also issued a statement offering its condolences as well as basic information on what had happened after the incident, which read in part: “Dr. Camille D. Chavez and Vanity Cosmetic Surgery is committed to providing the highest quality care for patients and again, send our deepest condolences to the family and loved ones of María Christian.”