Colin Kaepernick has sparked a national conversation after he protested by not standing for the national anthem because of the current state of affairs for people of color in the United States. Now, other athletes have been following his lead in protesting by not standing for the national anthem, including, reportedly, the Seattle Seahawks.

The team is reportedly considering protesting the national anthem as a team, though they have not made any decisions on whether or not to actually do the protest. And if Russel Wilson has anything to say about it, the idea of the protest will not become a reality.

— Ciara and Russell Wilson moved their wedding from North Carolina because of transgender law —

“I think, first of all, there’s no perfect answer. I understand and respect the cause because there’s so much going on in America right now. There’s so much hurt, there’s so much pain. Ultimately, I understand what he’s doing,” he said.

“For me, I love the flag, I love the national anthem because it’s an emotional time for me because I’m so grateful I get to play on the football field. Every time I get to put my hand on my heart it’s truly an honor to the military for me. I think about my family members who have served and friends. I train down in San Diego all the time, so I’m around the Navy and I see those guys. Just to see those guys around and all they do for our country and the people in Afghanistan and all these people fighting – 9/11 for example, coming up here, that’s going to be our first game, and I think about all the pain from that. That’s why I stand and put my hand on the heart.”

The two NFL players have previously appeared in a Super Bowl commercial together.