Zoë Kravitz and other actresses are urging women to vote against Donald Trump

Zoë Kravitz and several other actresses have begun a campaign called “Women Can Stop Trump,” and they are determined to urge women everywhere not to vote for the Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump.

A new PSA includes Amber Tamblyn, Diane Guerrero, Zoë Kravitz, Maura Tierney, Erika Alexander and Kate Greer as they outline all the reasons why a Trump presidency would be horrible.

“The Republican Party’s nominee is Donald Trump,” says Alexander.

“And he might be our next president?” asks Tierney, to which Guerrero responds, “Oh, hell no!”

“He is not going to be out next president. You know why? Cause: Women,” say three of the women.

“Women can and will stop Trump,” Guerrero says.

“Because if we vote all together, we will decide who the next president will be,” Alexander says.

“And no way are we voting for the guy who wants to not only ban abortion, but punish any woman who has one,” Tierney insists.

The actresses in the video also list policies that Trump has proposed that would be harmful to women, including several anti-abortion stances, with Guerrero saying in the video, “We can’t let what he stands for win.”

Check out the stirring PSA below.