Teen who pretended to be a doctor arrested again after ‘fraudulently trying to buy a Jaguar’

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A Florida teenager who is suspected of faking doctor credentials is going up against some new charges for allegedly trying to buy a luxury car fraudulently.

Malachi Love-Robinson was taken into custody and charged on Friday with identity theft, among other fraud charges, after he got caught trying to buy a Jaguar, according to the Stafford County Sheriff’s office.

Those working at Kargar Motors began to suspect something was not right when the teen had an elderly woman as a co-signer on the loan.

He had inquired about the vehicle for sale online and came in to take a look at it on Friday. The Jaguar had already been sold, so instead, the salespeople showed him a 2013 Lexus.

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Once he was at the dealership, he told those working there that an elderly woman who was with him would be the co-signer. That was not the only thing that piqued their interest, however, as he also stated that he was a doctor and made $120,000.

After a quick internet search of his name, the dealership called the police.

When deputies arrived and spoke to Love-Robinson, he said that he was in Virginia to buy two cars, one for him and one for his godmother. The unidentified woman has told police that she never gave the teen permission to put her name down on any loan papers.

It turns out that he had been spending money on her credit card without her being aware of that as well. He had purchased two iPads that were seized upon his arrest.

Police are still investigating, but this is not the first time Love-Robinson has been arrested. Just last month, he was arrested for two charges of grand theft and fraud for trying to write a bad check for a different vehicle.