(Photo: Fox 5 DC)

On Wednesday night, Maryland police released body cam footage of a 15-year-old girl being pepper sprayed by officers after she crashed her bike into a car.

According to police, the girl was not cooperating with authorities who were trying to question her about what had happened, and she refused to cooperate when they were trying to find a parent to authorize her refusal of medical treatment, because she was a minor.

The footage that was released, according to authorities, begins with the first officer on the scene and ends after the teen kicks the camera.

“At that point, as would be even with an adult, if you’re refusing to give us information on a traffic situation, at that point you can be arrested until we determine who you are,” said Hagerstown Police Capt. Paul Kifer.

The girl was determined to have caused the accident, which occurred on Sunday. She was then charged with assault and disorderly conduct as well as failure to obey a traffic device and marijuana possession.

According to Attorney Robin Ficker, the police should have taken the girl to the hospital. Her father did take her after picking her up at the station, and she suffered soreness and sprained muscles.

The incident is under investigation, though several of the officers involved will be remaining on the force during the course of the investigation.