A suspect has been arrested in the death of Justin Carr, who was killed after being shot near a hotel on Wednesday during a night of violent protests in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Carr was shot during protests that turned into violence as protesters clashed with police over the death of Keith Lamont Scott. Although Carr was taken to a hospital, he died on Thursday of his injuries.

North Carolina police said on Friday that they had arrested Rayquan Borum on suspicion of murder, stating that “a real-time crime center was able to supply footage from cameras.” According to Charlotte-Mecklenberg Police Chief Kerr Putney, it was that footage that helped authorities to identify Borum as a suspect.

“Currently we are still conducting the interview (of Borum) as the investigation continues, but we already have established probable cause and made that arrest,” Putney said.

The footage has not yet been released, nor have authorities released a motive for Borum’s involvement in the shooting.

The arrest comes after Thursday night was marked by a peaceful vigil to mourn the loss of Carr, as protesters stood on the corner where he was killed and gathered together to pray for him.