(Photo: Greensboro Police Department)

On Monday, city council leaders in Greensboro released “disturbing” body camera video footage of former Greensboro officer Travis Cole using excessive force.

After viewing the footage, which was captured on the body cameras on both Cole and his partner, the city council voted 8-0 to permanently suspend Cole’s law enforcement certification.

“I wouldn’t dare as a chief tell anyone this kinda thing never happens,” Greensboro Police Chief Wayne Scott told FOX8 Monday. “We have around 900 employees, over 680 sworn police officers on any given day getting dozens and dozens of calls and interactions. But what they can be assured of is we take this very serious.”

Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan apologized to Dejuan Yourse in a press conference, saying that the incident was “ugly.”

After the resolution was read, several people criticized it for not going far enough in punishing Cole for the excessive force.