White girl at HBCU posts offensive blackface selfie on social media

A white student at Prairie View A&M University, a historically black university in Texas, caused outrage on her campus after posting an offensive selfie on social media depicting herself in blackface.

The selfie, which appears to have been posted on the student’s Snapchat, went viral online, with some students calling for her expulsion.

“Hey, #PVAMU If you know @merino_brooke she needs help “fitting in,” tweeted The HBCURoundTable. “How about yall uhh “welcome” her for us! #RoastTheRacist.”

Though the student has not been officially identified, users on Twitter claimed her name is Brooke.

Some called on their fellow students to use the opportunity to educate “Brooke,” rather than label her as racist.

“My thoughts: this is a very teachable moment… expel her?? No, just allow her the opportunity to understand the depth of blackface,” wrote @De_Lowe, who is an alumni of the university.

“As a #PVAMU Leader, I encourage you all to help BUILD a person like Brooke & not DESTROY… No matter your frustration. Be the Change! #HBCU,” tweeted @OfficialCaliCal.

So far, the university has yet to release an official statement on the matter.