Florida man chased teens with knife while hurling racial epithets

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On Sunday, a Florida man was arrested outside a Publix after punching a man and then chasing three teens while shouting racial slurs.

Paul Vincent Salvo said that he had approached a group of three young men and a young woman when he saw that the young men were arguing with the young woman. He said that he had approached to make sure the girl was safe before he got into an argument with the three teens, the oldest of which was 19.

Salvo admitted to officers that he punched the oldest and biggest of the group of teenage boys and also admitted to being in possession of a knife.

The 19-year-old who was punched reported to police that “some random guy came out of nowhere and started harassing us.” He also stated that after Salvo had punched him, Salvo pulled a knife and said, “Black lives matter, (yeah) right.”

The other two teens, aged 16 and 15, said that they thought Salvo was going to stab them. The 15-year-old said that he was arguing with his girlfriend when Salvo arrived to “pick a fight.”

A witness told police that he had seen Salvo chasing the boys with a knife while yelling the N-word at them.