Darryl Strawberry desperate to save Lamar Odom: ‘You don’t have to die like this’

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On Friday, Darryl Strawberry admitted that he is desperately trying to save Lamar Odom from another overdose.

“His family reached out to me because I am in recovery. I have two treatment centers,” Strawberry said on Dr. Phil’s “The Doctors.”

“You have to understand, with celebrities, they are always silent. And that’s why most of them end up dying — because of the shame and the guilt,” he went on to explain.

He then opened up about his fears of losing another celebrity to drug problems. “Look at Prince — Prince would be alive today . . . Whitney Houston would be alive today if someone had talked — you don’t have to die like this.”

But Strawberry insisted that the story was not about him.

“I reached out to Lamar,” he said. “I have the centers because people’s lives matter. It’s not about me.”

“It’s not calling out the celebrity — you are calling out the disease. If you don’t call it out and expose it, you will never get well.”