Floyd Mayweather Jr. declares ‘All Lives Matter’, calls out Kaepernick

In a recent interview, Floyd Mayweather Jr. declared that “all lives matter” and explained why he thinks Colin Kaepernick should stop protesting and focus more on getting the “starting job.”

The retired boxing champion broke his silence on the racial tension in America while speaking with “The Boxing Voice.”

“I’m here to say all lives matter. A lot of times we get stuck, and we are followers. You hear one person say, ‘Black lives matter’ or ‘blue lives matter’… all lives matter,” Mayweather said.

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He added: “What I learned from boxing — what everyone can take in real life — is follow directions and follow order. Don’t give nobody a hard time. When someone break in your house, when someone break in your car, the first thing you do is call the police. With me being a fighter, and my hands being registered, if I hit a guy for breaking in my house or break in my car, it’s going to cost me more money. So I have to work smarter not harder. I’m gonna call the cops.

“It’s not right what’s going on within this world on both sides. I think we need to communicate better, we need follow direction. It’s rules and regulations to everything,” Mayweather said.

When asked what he thought about football quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s recent protests of the national anthem, Mayweather in so many words said he was not in support of the protest but added that he respected the NFL star for his popularity.

“Kaepernick need to get the starting job. That’s what he needs to focus on. I can’t knock him. If that’s what he believes in and people want to stand by him, then so be it. He got the number one selling jersey so it’s obvious he doing something right,” he said.