(Photo: John Sciulli/Getty Images and Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Azealia Banks took to Facebook to share the news that she has signed with RZA, and with her online return, she also admitted that she regrets endorsing Donald Trump.

“I made a major mistake endorsing toupey-toupee. Womens’ rights are important and we must protect them. I tried…. I reached ….I even carried ……I take it all back,” she wrote.

This is a complete 180 for Banks, who in May endorsed Trump when she tweeted out, “I REALLY want Donald Trump to win the election.”

Banks also spoke about signing with RZA, saying, “I’m finally getting a record deal. I’m signing with RZA.” She added that shooting his musical drama, Coco, “was loads of fun!! Now I get to make music with him!!!Business and pleasure is imminent.”