Body cam video reveals cops arrested woman for having attitude

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A woman in Washington, D.C., was arrested for having an open container of alcohol, but the charges were dropped against her after body cam footage of the arrest was released.

George Lyon, the attorney, described the case as “an average run of the mill case,” not like cases of police brutality and police shootings that have received national attention in which dash cam footage, where available, has played such a big role.

But when Lyon asked his client if the police were wearing dash cams at the time of her arrest, he pushed for the footage, which ultimately proved her innocent and showed that the alcohol in question was nowhere near her at the time of the arrest.

“She couldn’t even get to it,” said Lyon. “It wasn’t within her car.”

Instead, what the body cam footage showed was that she was arrested for having an attitude with the officer, with one cop saying in the footage, “You got an attitude? OK, you can come with us, too.”

“People have the right to have an attitude and not get arrested,” said Lyon.

The footage proved that Lyon’s client should never have been arrested, and the prosecution ultimately dropped their charges against her.