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Jason Goolsby, a black teen, is suing D.C. for failing to prevent false imprisonment, assault, and battery by Metropolitan Police Department officers.

Last year, the video footage of Goolsby’s arrest went viral and sparked outrage as he could be seen twisting in pain while his friend, Mike Brown, shouted to officer that Goolsby had not done anything.

The police had been called to the scene after a woman said that she felt “uneasy” at an ATM and told the 911 operator that she “felt like if we had taken money out we might’ve gotten robbed.” However, Goolsby said that all he had done was pause to open up the bank door for a couple with a stroller to enter. In fact, even though the woman calling 911 said that she did not feel safe, she admitted that the teens “weren’t doing anything in the bank,” and “had not committed any crime in her presence.”

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Although the MPD determined that the officers used force that was “reasonably necessary to bring this situation under control” and to “overcome the level of resistance,” Goolsby is now suing for $1 million in compensatory damages and $10 million in punitive damages.

“It scarred him for life—physically and emotionally,” said Goolsby’s attorney, Peter Grenier.