Video of police officer dancing to Beyoncé at high school goes viral

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On Friday, a Virginia police officer did a perfectly choreographed routine to “Formation” at North Stafford High School’s homecoming pep rally, and the video is a must-see.

“I basically learned the choreography the night before I performed it for the first time,” Second Lieutenant Deuntay Diggs told BuzzFeed News when asked about the dance. He then added, “I’m a huge Beyoncé fan. so the night before, I just watched her video on YouTube over and over again, and then I memorized it, practiced it, and the next day I did it.”

Diggs claims to be the first openly gay cadet at the Virginia Military Institute as well as the first openly gay deputy at the Stafford Country Sheriff’s Office. He has served now for eight years, and it’s clear that he loves his job.

For Diggs, coming out was not an easy thing. “The first thing I did was tell my foster family, and after I told them they disowned me,” Diggs said. “I told one person at the school, and I asked her not to tell anybody, and [then it] spread like wildfire. I spent roughly the next year in isolation. That was the worst year of my life, but also the best. I had to figure out how to love myself, and what I wanted to be.”

But now, he is a motivational speaker who is trying to change how people see law enforcement — and an awesome dancer to boot.