(Photo: YouTube)

On Monday, during a rally in Wisconsin, Donald Trump invited a little girl up on stage, calling her “beautiful” several times before he kissed her cheek.

At the end of the rally, he spotted the little African-American bow with a pink ribbon in her hair and called her “beautiful” over and over, saying, “She got all decked out for this evening,” and, “Wow, so beautiful. Bring her, she’s so beautiful.”

When the little girl joined him on the stage, he held her up so she could say hello into the microphone and kissed her on the cheek. She waved to the crowd and shyly introduced herself before Trump set her back down, but not before kissing her again. This time, however, the kiss was aimed closer to the lips, and she turned her head at the last second so that he got her cheek.

After sending the little girl in the pink outfit off, he then invited her parents up, saying repeatedly that they had done “such a good job” with their little one.

You can watch the entire cringe-worthy moment below.