(Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images and Jessica Kourkounis/Getty Images)

A contestant who appeared on Donald Trump’s reality show “Donald Trump Presents: The Ultimate Merger” is now speaking out on more lewd comments from the media mogul concerning women.

Elijah Connor, who was a contestant on the show in which 14 men attempted to win the affections of model Toccara Jones, said that he met Trump unexpectedly at a Trump Hotel suite in Las Vegas when the reality TV star began to remark on Jones’ breasts.

“She wasn’t my first pick, but she slimmed down for the show,” Connor said that Trump said to him before allegedly adding, “Hopefully she still has those big jugglers.”

A vote for Donald Trump is a vote against my vagina

“Here’s a guy who owns a billion-dollar company, taking a cheap shot at her breasts. I’m literally standing there shocked,” Connor said to BuzzFeed, going on to say, “I think I just stood there in amazement, like, ‘Did this guy just say this?’ Literally this is like how my little cousin talks, who is 12, and going through puberty.”

Connor added that he was “let down” by Trump’s behavior and that he tried to deliberately lose the contest so that he could leave, ignoring Jones when she came to sit and talk with the contestants.

“We had to film the next day and I wanted to go home,” Connor said. “I actually did something to get voted off because I wanted to go home.”